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Phresh Blood (Jordan Davies) is a dynamic visual artist hailing from Narrabeen, located in the captivating Northern beaches of Sydney. With a distinctive technique that harmoniously blends acrylic pouring and painting, his artworks are elevated to new heights through the application of a lustrous epoxy resin coating. This transformative process not only bestows a mirror-like finish to the artwork but also intensifies the vibrant colors, captivating viewers at first glance.

Immersed in a world of vivid hues and tattoo-style aesthetics, Phresh Blood draws deep inspiration from these elements, infusing his works with a captivating energy. His artistic journey is a testament to his commitment to pushing creative boundaries, resulting in a portfolio that resonates with an array of themes and emotions. From bold expressions to intricate details, his artworks stand as vivid reflections of his unique artistic vision.

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